How Outsourced Services help you in your growing business?

By Milky P. Sanchez, CPA

As a start-up company or growing business, trying to do everything and putting all the task in your hands is inevitable. This is due to limited resources and uncertainties facing your venture. Though this is practical, this can oftentimes be overwhelming. Most business owners find it hard to focus on sales, marketing, and expansion by trying to do everything. To solve this limitation, outsourcing services was offered to businesses to fill the inadequacy. A wide array of services cater to different business needs including finance and accounting and other professional services. Being one in the industry of outsourcing, as accounting service provider, we cater to companies individually according to its requirement and business size. One of the key here is finding the right outsourced service provider that match your size and needs and one you can work with effectively.

Why companies turn to outsourcing?

Focus – by delegating the task for example, tax filing, business owners have more time available for marketing, sales and product development strategy. This is hard to achieve if you do everything. You will be surprised, how running errands like tax filing and payment consumes all hours of your day.

Savings – employing in house professional can be costly for start-up and growing company. Not to mention the additional mandatory benefits that you will incur like sss, philhealth, and pag-ibig contributions. Outsourcing on the other hand, requires only a lesser monthly retainer without the need to pay government contributions like sss philhealth and pag-ibig. This is because we bill based on productive hours rendered only.

Support – By getting professional service, you get peace of mind that your company will avoid suffering losses from tax penalties for example, errors, or because of a task executed poorly. You can also benefit from professional advice that will help you make decisions.

Management – you avoid the stress coming from record management as well as employee management. You will save time on training employees and checking their work which can even be more stressful if you do not understand well the particular task like tax filing and payment.

While there are benefits acquired by outsourcing your needs, there can also be challenges which are only typical situation in any businesses. It is important to protect business information and records.  That’s why it’s important that you find the right outsourced service provider for your business that can work with you to ease these challenges and bring solutions.